More abortion bills waiting for gov’s signature

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By Valerie Schmalz

There are at least four more bills awaiting the signature of Gov. Gavin Newsom that would further endanger women and kill babies through abortion, increasing access and funding toward the governor’s declared goal of making California an “abortion sanctuary.”

So far, Gov. Newsom has signed into law bills that protect patients and providers from lawsuits from states with abortion bans and eliminate insurance co-pays for abortion. He and the legislature have appropriated $200 million to expand access to abortion, including $20 million for travel grants for women who seek care from other states.

On his desk, and expected to be signed by the Friday, Sept. 30 deadline is more legislation that expands abortion access and funding.

Abortion legislation opposed by the California bishops and passed by the California legislature and awaiting a signature or veto by Gov. Newsom are bills that would:

1. Pay for women to come to California to have abortions (SB 1142)

 2. Pay for scholarships for medical students who agree to be trained in abortion and perform abortions as doctors (AB 1918)

3. Allow nurse practitioners to perform abortions without physician oversight (AB 1375)

 4. A pilot program to make Los Angeles an abortion destination. (SB 1245)

 The California Catholic Conference is urging Gov. Newsom to veto these bills because abortion kills babies and damages women but also because these bills privilege abortion over support for pregnant women who choose to give birth.

To urge Gov. Newsom to veto these bills, go to

Valerie Schmalz is director of the Office of Human Life & Dignity.
Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash.