Your generosity changes lives

How we help

We are your Mission Advancement Department

We help ensure that our parishes, schools, and service organizations of the Archdiocese have the funds they need to carry out their vital missions. The Office of Mission Advancement gets your gift where it needs to go.

We connect our caring, committed donors with the various ministries of the Archdiocese and greater Church and provides fundraising assistance and support to our parishes and schools.


What we do

The Mission Advancement Department offers these services to our parishes, parishioners, and the Archdiocese

  • Assistance with Capital and Endowment campaigns
  • Coordinating the Priests Retirement Luncheon (St. John Vianney Luncheon)
  • Organization, management, and implementation of the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal
  • Coordination and direction of the Archbishop’s Circle
  • Assistance with increasing regular parish income
  • Facilitating Planned Giving and Bequests
  • Assistance with identifying and soliciting Private Foundation support
  • Assistance with facilitating Stock donations
  • Oversight of school endowments

Planned giving and bequests

A legacy (or planned) gift is a contribution designated during a donor’s life that will take effect at or after his or her passing. By including your parish and/or the Archdiocese in your estate plans, you are helping preserve the mission and values of the church and its commitment to ministry. A legacy gift may be the ultimate way to impact lives for generations.

Priest retirement fund

Our priests have dedicated their lives to serving others. They have been with us and those we love for many of life’s most precious moments, from birth to death, showing us the love and compassion of God. They have baptized us, taught us, preached the Gospel to us, and led our parish communities. They have heard our sins, blessed us with absolution, and brought us the Eucharistic gift of Christ Himself. They have witnessed our weddings, comforted us in illness, officiated our funerals, and always been there, in both our times of distress and our moments of celebration. In their retirement years, these men of God need and deserve our help.

Other Giving Opportunities

For more information on how to give to any of the ministries below,
please contact Jennie Dahl at the Office of Mission Advancement at (415) 614-5583 or at [email protected].
Please know that all gifts are greatly appreciated, very beneficial, and will be acknowledged.

Gifts of Stock

Donations of securities (common stock and mutual funds) to the Archdiocese enable donors to reduce their tax liability by the value of the shares on the date their gift is made.

Gifts of securities are processed through the established Archdiocesan Brokerage account. It is simple to complete a transfer from the account in which your funds are currently to that of the Archdiocese – we will coordinate with our broker to process your gift promptly and remit funds as you specify.

For more information concerning gifts of securities, please contact the Office of Development at
415-614-5581 or at [email protected].

Transfer Instructions for Donors with Stock or Mutual Funds

Catholic School Support

Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools

The Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools creates a unique collaborative partnership that continues the 150-year tradition of educational excellence in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. The AMDCS educates elementary school students from the rich and diverse cultures of the Mission District. The Alliance welcomes Catholic students and students from a variety of faith traditions.

The Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools collaborates with pastors, parents, faculty, stakeholders, and the wider community to offer a Catholic elementary school education that responds to the changing spiritual, intellectual, social, artistic, emotional, and physical needs of students – now, and for generations to come.

Catholic Education Endowment

Your endowment provides a consistent source of financial support in perpetuity for your chosen beneficiary.

By establishing an endowment, you make a permanent investment for your school(s) of choice, with the annual interest from that investment providing ongoing support for a need that you designate.  

Many of our elementary and high schools have endowments, and there is an Archdiocese-wide educational endowment that helps many students meet tuition costs so they can have a Catholic education. An endowment is a great opportunity for you and the school(s) you wish to benefit.  You will leave a legacy for future students that will:

  • Provide a needed source of revenue for the recipient(s)
  • Provide you or your estate the tax benefits that come with making this donation
  • Enable you to honor someone through the naming of your endowment

Your gift – alone or combined with the gifts of others – can provide a lasting and much-needed source of financial support for your Catholic alma mater, another Catholic school, or for Catholic education across the Archdiocese.

Unrestricted Giving to the Archdiocese

Unrestricted gifts are used to enhance the ministries and services of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Parish Giving

When you make a financial contribution to your parish, you are making a personal investment in its mission and ministry.  In doing so, you join others in your parish family doing the work of the Church by supporting those in your own community and beyond.

There are a number of ways in which you may financially support your parish.  They include:

  • Cash or check – may be offered during Mass or brought/sent to the parish office
  • Stock or other securities – the proceeds go to your parish and may create valuable tax benefits for you
  • Planned giving – naming your parish as a beneficiary in your estate leaves a legacy of faith and support for generations to come
  • A gift to the Archdiocese Annual Appeal – support those individuals who depend on the ministries and services of the Archdiocese
  • Some parishes offer electronic giving, allowing parishioners to give by credit card or electronic transfer.

Please contact your parish office to learn what is offered. 

Please contact your parish or the Office of Mission Advancement if you have questions or would like additional information.

Restorative Justice Ministry

Restorative Justice Ministry, a ministry of presence serves those affected by crime within our communities who are in need of support through prayer, prevention, intervention, and guidance. We believe that peace and justice are attainable when crime survivors and offenders receive the services needed to heal and advance themselves within our society.

Young Adult Ministry

The Archdiocesan Office of Young Adult Ministry works to help all young adults (18-40) grow in their relationship with Christ and the Catholic community through faith formation, service, and social opportunities.  We strive to help young adults be active members of the Church and help them evangelize those who have left.

Life Giving Wounds Ministry

This ministry helps adults of all ages with divorced and separated parents give voice to their pain. Your contribution will help us achieve our goal of helping adults of all ages find deep spiritual healing, allowing us to keep the cost of these weekend spiritual retreats affordable for those in need.

Have questions about a ministry?

Contact our Mission Advancement Director, Rod Linhares

Rod has a twenty-eight-year career in fundraising, and he has worked extensively with the greater Church and several parishes in the Archdiocese. Rod believes that collaboration and a mission-driven focus are integral to an organization’s ability to support and assist those it serves, and he looks forward to helping address the goals of the Archdiocese and the individual parishes. He has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Notre Dame and a graduate degree in Finance from the University of San Francisco. Bay Area natives, Rod and his family are active members of St. Gregory Parish in San Mateo.

Rod Linhares
Director of Mission Advancement
[email protected]